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Unlimited Design Control

Our custom pattern tool enables you to let your imagination run wild! You are only limited by what you can dream up. Create multiple sections, draw curves, lines, seams, dart lines, add text, and more... Make reusuable blocks like sleeves, collars, and pockets that you can apply across your designs.

Custom to your Body

Enter your measurements or your customers measurements and print out a pattern custom to those measurements. Create profiles for you, your family members, etc. Access other users patterns and instantly print a pattern that is custom to your size.

Fast and Simple

Unlike CAD fashion design software, our tool is fast and easy to apply. Our 30 second demo is all you need to be up and running in less than 1 minute! When you're ready, you can checkout our video tutorials for exploring more advanced topics and construction techniques.

Share / Collaborate / Learn

Clone other users patterns and build off of their expertise and designs. Share your patterns with others or your team members and collect feedback. Collaborative sharing is built into the platform.


Basic Design Tool Usage

Custom skirt demo

A-Line Skirt Tutorial

Advanced Techniques


Jaimie Bridal Seamstress

Fast and versatile - love the ability to make custom fit patterns

Annze Independent Pattern Drafter

Able to make more with less time and effort.

Ronin Custom Clothing Maker

Eased the workload of updating slopers for clients.

Daniela Cosplay Costumer

Expanded my ability to complete more projects