ModaMake – the beginning

Hi and welcome to ModaMake!  The name is a combination of Moda (Italian for Fashion) and Make.  ModaMake is a custom pattern design tool and platform.

The pattern design tool enables you to create clothing patterns custom to your body easily and quickly.  The platform allows you to build from other users designs, or print their designs custom to your measurements.

The inspiration for ModaMake came from my own blood, sweat, and tears that I suffered as an early fashion entrepreneur.  I started a fashion business 15 years ago called Mekka7.  The company sold custom clubwear via the internet – primarily Ebay and a website.


Mekka7 made custom clubwear for raves, EDM, etc.

My girlfriend and I bought industrial sewing machines from a shuttered Pennsylvannia factory and spent countless hours designing, refactoring, and building slopers (building blocks for patterns).


Factory where we bought used industrial sewing machines.

Once the designs were done we began selling and once the orders started coming in we spent 80% of our time measuring and cutting, 10% of our time sewing and packaging, and 10% of our time trying to run the business.

After a grueling 24 months we decided to take a break.  The business was fun, but we were barely making minimum wage.  There had to be a better way.  We sold off the fabric (which started another business – and went our separate ways.

Ten years later I hadn’t given up the dream of making custom clothing, but this time I wanted to help other designers.  Computer aided design and patterns had the potential to eliminate the 80% of work that I had spent my time on as a budding fashion designer / maker.

Having spent 10 years consulting Fortune 500 companies in IT, I had both the skills and network to build a product that would enable ModaMake.  As of today we are still wrapping up the initial buildout of ModaMake – but we hope you will stay tuned to see what we have to offer!

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