Why make your own clothing patterns

vogue-patternsMy first step into the world of fashion was spending countless hours pouring over patterns.  I’d go to stores and dig through the Burda, Vogue, and Simplicity pattern books – looking for that ultimate thing that I had to make.

I’d buy the pattern, come home and start trying to make it.  The pattern paper was so thin that half the time I’d end up ripping the pattern paper and bust out the scotch tape to repair the tears and try to keep it together long enough to actually make something.

Careful not to tear!

Careful not to tear!

I would have to take my measurements and then apply them to the pattern – marking and cutting the paper to fit my measurements.  By now – my back would be aching and I’d need a stiff drink to ease the physical and mental pain.

Next, I would fail to fold the fabric or a particular section correctly, and I’d have to re-cut everything a second time.  Why couldn’t they just print all the pieces so that I didn’t have to fold ANYTHING!

Finally everything would be measured and cut out and the fun part would start.  Sewing the clothing together was the most rewarding part and if I could have skipped all the other steps I would have.  If things went to plan, the clothing would fit and I would be on top of the world.

That elated feeling – accomplishment, excitement, of making something unique and new – that is the reason we suffer to make our own stuff!

ModaMake aims to remove the pain of that first part of the process – allowing you to design to your body’s measurements quickly and easily or use someone else’s designs with your measurements.

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