Fashion Illustration Styles

Fashion illustration takes years of practice to perfect, which is why we have such a high regard for those talented individuals who draw and sketch items of beauty that ignite our desires and stir our passions.

There are several different styles of fashion illustration and there is no right or wrong manner of executing your vision.


Like the great artists who practiced before us – J.M.W. Turner, Thoman Moran, Albrecht Durer, and William Blake, watercolor can portray powerful imagery without revealing micro detail.

The power of watercolor is that it leads the imagination in a specific direction and then it allows the mind to fill in the blanks.



Genius can be like diamonds – best made under intense pressure.  The medium of charcoal forces the illustrator into the confines of black and white, but that confine can lead to creativity.

Finding ways to work with shading to highlight details and give the effect of fluidity and motion can result in stunning effects.


Have to do a double-take to know if you’re looking at a drawing or a photo?  Photo-realistic drawings are painstakingly accurate and can create an alternative reality limited only by the creator’s mind.

Photorealism art began in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  The term was coined by Louis K. Meisel in 1969 and was published in a Whitney Museum catalogue for the show “Twenty-two Realists.”

To master this art form, one must understand light, classic drawing techniques, the medium they are using (paint, pencil, ink, digital) and spend the extra time necessary to ensure that every detail is perfect.

You’ll find some our hand-picked fashion illustration favorites on our Pinterest Page:

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