Save time and money using custom pattern tools

I’m entranced watching professional tailors at their craft.  Just check out this video of a bespoke suit being made by one of the master tailors for Suarte:

Everything is done by hand – they have their slopers / blocks that they modify to the customer’s measurements.  Then they cut the fabric and with the speed and precision that come with hundreds of hours of practice and years of dedication as they assemble the raw materials into the final suit.

As someone who loves to be an expert at all things I’m passionate about, I’d love to be able to cut, stitch, and modify slopers as fast as the pros.  But honestly, I’ll probably never reach their level because I’m not spending 10 hours a day every day practicing and refining my capabilities.

Sewing a shirt.

When I was working on my custom clothing business (Mekka7) I had to learn everything myself and then teach the people helping me how to assemble the clothing that we made.  There were two reasons for this – one was that I had no money to hire anyone, so I initially had to start as the owner, marketer, designer, and tailor.

Secondly, after I had enough sales to justify bringing on another helper, I first searched for a tailor and quickly found out that anyone who was an expert in the field was someone that I couldn’t afford.  I was based on the East Coast of the U.S. and the going rate was anywhere between $25 and $50 per hour.

However, my business model could only afford a minimum wage employee.  This is where custom pattern software could have had a huge impact for my business.  I could teach people how to cut, sew, add buttons, zippers, etc., but I was never able to teach a low wage employee how to modify a pattern to fit a customer’s sizing criteria.

Customizing a sloper.

Modifying a sloper is complex, requires deep thought (at least for me), and years of practice understanding how a garment will fit an actual human being.  If I had been able to plug in a customer’s measurements in a program and then print an accurate pattern that an employee could simply cut and then sew together – that would have been a monumental time savings for my business.

Our goal at ModaMake is to provide the tools to create custom patterns and then allow you to input sizing information to print or download a print that fits your sizing perfectly.

The overarching idea is to enable anyone to quickly and easily start their own fashion company.  You don’t need professional tailors who cost an arm and a leg to hire.  You don’t need to spend time creating cardboard slopers and then modifying them to a customer’s size.  You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for CAD software, or spend tuition for a college class to learn how to use it.

If you have access to a computer and the internet and you can point and click – then you will have the capability to design your own fashion line using our tools.  With only basic skills, you or your staff will be able to create custom sized clothing.

Sewing: know the fundamentals

You’ll still have to learn and understand the fundamentals of sewing and garment construction.  At least for now, that can’t be automated with the help of machines and computers.  But learning how to sew a zipper or attach a button, requires significantly less time to learn than drafting and modifying a pattern.

We hope to empower passionate people who have an interest in fashion but don’t necessarily have the skills, access to professionals, or big budgets to bring their ideas to life.

Stay tuned for video tutorials and demos on how to create custom patterns using our tools.


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